Top Tier Tree Care is a family owned and operated tree service in Lebanon, OR

Tree Trimming

Top Tier Tree Care in Albany, Oregon provides tree trimming as well as full removals, chipping, stump grinding, hedge trimming, hazard tree removal, arborist reports, and more.

Improve the health of your trees

Great to work with. I will be using again for sure.
Lee Martyuink
Top Tier Customer

Tree trimming is done to improve the health of trees or to improve your property’s image and can be a economical choice as well as providing many more years of continued enjoyment of the tree. Although it improves the appearance of your trees, it also prolongs their useful life by removing undesirable branches whether they are dead, weakened, diseased or insect-infested.

We pride ourselves in helping your trees to remain alive and vibrant.

Need other tree services?

We provide arborist reports as well as full tree removals, tree and hedge trimming, brush chipping, stump grinding, hazard tree removal, and more. Get a free estimate today!